Case Studies

March 9, 2021

Always-On Activations Lead 
to Long Term Brand Advocacy

The Challenge

Elemis, a luxury skincare wellness brand looked to ShopStyle Collective to drive traffic and sales to a hero product line, achieving long-term success.

The Solution

ShopStyle Collective leveraged an Always-On campaign approach to build a network of brand ambassadors and establish long term brand advocacy. Over the course of
3 months, 8 beauty and lifestyle influencers promoted Elemis’ hero product line by showcasing personal anecdotes, product expertise, and real results. Each influencer provided a unique code in combination with the brand’s timely promotions, creating a sense of urgency to increase traffic for a limited-time deal.

Additionally, Elemis increased their commission to a competitive rate over the course of the campaign- incentivizing influencers to incorporate organic affiliate links in their content outside of the campaign. In exchange for this compelling rate, ShopStyle Collective provided the brand with additional network marketing exposure, adding value to the campaign which created a halo effect within the network during peak holiday season.

The Results

By activating micro, rising-star,
and mid-tier influencers with high engagement and conversion rates for a 3-month period, the brand saw a consistent increase in performance across the board:

- 1.6 ROI

- $94 AOV

- $424.4K Social Media Value

Additionally, the brand’s understanding of each influencer’s unique communities and differing areas of expertise gave influencers the creative freedom needed to build successful content, which established a foundation of long term advocacy that can be seen throughout the larger ShopStyle Collective community.

- 45% lift in average links created MoM

- 145% lift in traffic MoM

Overall, this partnership successfully:

- Grew Elemis’ active influencer community by an average of 200% YoY

- Increased sales by 210%

- Boosted conversion rate by 19%

From H1 to H2 in 2020

*Based on ShopStyle Collective proprietary data from August 2020-December 2020.

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